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Scarring & Skin Texture

What is Scarring?

Scarring and textural problems with the skin are usually due to previous trauma or inflammation. When the skin begins trying to repair itself it produces new collagen fibres to bind the damaged skin back together, however the newly produced collagen doesn’t heal and appear as normal skin and often will present itself as a different texture, bumpy, ice pick or box scars. When revising scarring and skin texture it is important to ensure optimal skin health, we do this by beginning your treatment plan with a minimum of three Enzyme Therapy treatments to work on rebuilding the tissue underneath and normalise skin cells. Following these initial treatments the skin is now prepared for scar revision and resurfacing treatments that work on breaking up fibrous tissue, improving skin texture and appearance and producing new collagen.

Key Treatments for Scarring

DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK signature enzyme therapy treatments are the very core of the DMK concept. Results that are achieved through following the DMK treatment and product concepts are long term, the treatments work within the bodies chemistry and what would naturally take place in the skin on a daily basis. DMK enzyme therapy treatments address the internal skin structures and functions and aims to achieve balance within your skin and maintaining results and change. Treatments are suitable for all skin colours and conditions, from the most reactive of skins through to stubborn skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation. It is also excellent at treating ageing skins.

DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment Prices

DMK Advanced Skin Revision

DMK Advanced skin revision procedures are designed to accelerate your results in a short time frame with minimal downtime. These procedures are excellent for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, open pores, thickened skin, sun damage, pigmentation and to address the physical signs of ageing. The procedures are those wanting the very best for their skin and wanting to maintain healthy, younger looking vibrant skin. Treats skin conditions not only on the face, can also address concerns full body. A series of DMK enzyme therapy treatment and a full DMK home prescription is required in order to have these treatments.

Light Therapy

​LED Phototherapy is a non invasive light therapy, utilising different wavelengths to penetrate the skin and create cellular change. LED successfully treats acne, scarring, pigmentation, collagen production, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis and many other skin conditions. LED can be added on to any skin treatment to enhance results and can even be performed following injectables and post op to minimise bruising and speed up the recovery process.

Dermal Rejuve TX

Dermapen is the most advanced form of facial skin needling, with its rapid moving microneedles it creates minute fractional channels into the skin's surface. This then triggers the skin's natural healing, renewal and repair processes promoting intensive regeneration. Suitable to all skin types especially those concerned with ageing and scarring. We recommend 3-6 treatments 4 weeks apart.
Ideal for:
• Scarring
• Acne
• Lines and Wrinkles
• Pigmentation
• Rosacea
• Stretch Marks

Dermal Rejuve TX Treatment Prices