Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is a new procedure for your brows designed to lift, fill and fluff your existing brows. Similar to lash lifting the brow hairs are lifted in place and cured with two solutions. After developing the brows remain fuller and more defined, providing you with thicker brows! This service includes brow shaping, tinting and lamination.

Hybrid Brows

Stains the skin up to 1 week and dyes the hairs up to 8 weeks⁠
Includes mapping, shaping, waxing and hybrid tint⁠
Results lasting 6-8 weeks⁠

Henna Brows

Longer lasting and more definition! The step before cosmetic tattooing to reshape and redesign your brow. Lasting 4-6 weeks this service includes a brow shape and henna brow tint. Henna colours the existing brow hair and stains the skin to create a fuller brow

Wax & Tint