Face & Body Waxing

Welcome to Chantilly Skin and Brow, your sanctuary for comprehensive face and body waxing exclusively for women. We celebrate the diverse beauty and unique needs of every woman, providing a serene environment where your comfort and care are our utmost priority. Our range of facial and body waxing services are tailored to gently, efficiently, and meticulously remove unwanted hair, revealing your radiant, smooth skin beneath. From delicately shaping your brows to achieving a sleek, hair-free body, our skilled estheticians employ the utmost precision and utilize superior quality wax to ensure a near-painless experience with lasting results. Explore our varied waxing options that cater to your specific preferences and needs, because at Chantilly, your skin is treated with the gentle touch it deserves – personalized, professional, and perfect just for you. Come, be embraced by a world where your skin and spirit are pampered to perfection.

Explore our comprehensive suite of waxing services, designed meticulously to cater to your every need. Opt for our 3/4 Leg Waxing to showcase silky smooth legs, or delve into the immaculate results of our signature Brazilian Waxing for a sleek, clean feel. The delicate Chin Waxing service ensures a finely defined facial profile, while our Ear Waxing and Nose Waxing handle those often-overlooked details with utmost care. Embrace soft, hair-free Arms and let our expert estheticians finesse your Bikini area with precision. For a more audacious choice, the G String Waxing service offers a flawless, extended clean up, while our Neck Waxing grants a polished, seamless transition from face to décolletage. Each service is executed with precision and your comfort in mind, ensuring an empowering, luxurious experience from start to finish at Chantilly Skin and Brow.